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by Miranda Liasson




When it comes to her heart, Arabella D’Angelo has moved on—even though she still lives in Mirror Lake, Connecticut, a little tourist town with a long memory for mistakes. Ever the dutiful daughter of a cantankerous widower who holds grudges, Bella has spent the past twelve years raising her younger brother and making a name for herself as a successful psychologist. Now, when she isn’t counseling a lonely-hearts club for senior women, she’s humoring her matchmaking girlfriends. Bella resists the romancing of their blind dates, yet her friends hope she’ll fall for a local and scrap plans for a fresh start in Chicago.

Then, just before Bella’s thirtieth birthday, her first love, Roman Spikonos, returns to Mirror Lake. When he moves next door to her family’s garden center business to run his grandparents’ orchard, it stirs up gossip—and a tempest of passions—just in time for pumpkin harvest. As Roman and Bella once again get caught up in a swirl of desire and heartache, not to mention her overprotective father’s fury, Mirror Lake will soon find out whether the Italian hometown beauty and her unforgettable Greek god can stand a second chance.


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


Italian matchmaking… A favorite pastime of your people. Second only to arranged marriages.


He looked a lot older than thirty, and not just because of his receding hairline. His middle was paunchy and he looked so… pale. Belly-of-a-fish-washed-up-on-the-beach pale. Like he never saw the light of day in that CPA office of his. Ew. Bad visual.


God, my shaper undergarment is killing me. If it wouldn’t expose all the wedding guests to my boobs, I’d rip it off and throw it in the trashcan.


‘Welcome to the Three Ds – Divorced, Desperate, or Dead… The dead is not for anyone personally…’   ‘It’s really called the Divorced or Bereaved Senior Support Group,’ Bella said quickly. She didn’t want anyone to think that the group was a joke. Although sometimes she wasn’t sure, what with these characters showing up and bringing their friends like it was senior happy hour.


Greek and Italian genes… What a beautiful combination.   It does ensure that there’ll be plenty of mandatory hair removal in her future.



My Review:


Can’t Stop Loving You was my first Miranda Liasson experience and oh happy day – I have found a new author to stalk and more lovely books to add to my TBR. This small town, second-chance romance was amusing, sweet, romantic, angsty, and relevant. I adored the character of Roman – he comprised the sweet and romantic part of my description.   However, I frequently wanted to smack the spineless Bella and her obstinate father with my beloved kindle, as they generated 80% of the angsty portion. The storyline and writing both were relevant, engaging, humorous, and easy to follow. The plot followed two timelines twelve years apart, detailing the couple’s past and present relationships and interactions. Written from my favorite dual POV, the storyline was never confusing and both were equally entertaining.

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About the Author


I’m Miranda Liasson, author of contemporary romance.

I won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award in 2013 for a story that became my first published novel, THIS THING CALLED LOVE, which debuted from Montlake Romance as a Kindle First selection in 2015. Like most of my novels, it’s lighthearted but also, like life, has a little bit of heartache in it too.

One of the best reviews I received about THIS LOVE OF MINE, my second Mirror Lake book, said, “This book is full of regret, sadness, loss, longing, friendship, family, love, laughter, and resolve. It would be a good book for anyone. A book that shows you your odds can always get better with friends, family, and loved ones in your corner.” This is everything I aspire my books to be!

My newest book, CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU (Dec., 2016) is an emotional second-chance love story about love, loss, friendship, family, and the journey of one woman to confront her past in order to move onto her future. I hope you enjoy it!

I write romance because I love stories about the experience of being human, and love is the universal experience we all share. I also love stories that have happy endings and make me laugh. I hope my stories make you laugh a little, too.

I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband, three children and my office mate Posey, a rescue cat with more attitude than my kids!

I love to hear from readers!

You can check me out at, where I blog every Saturday. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be informed of my new releases. And check out my Facebook author page ( and my twitter feed (@mirandaliasson) where I always post my latest giveaways and news.




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