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 Branded as Trouble

by Delores Fossen

A Wrangler’s Creek Novel

Publisher: HQN Books

Every town needs a bad boy, and Wrangler’s Creek’s has been gone far too long… 


Getting his high school girlfriend pregnant was just one square in Roman Granger’s checkered past, but it changed him forever. When his son’s mother skipped town after the birth, Roman decided to do the same, baby Tate in tow, hoping for a fresh start.

Now Roman fears his teenage son is following in his wayward footsteps, so he returns home to Wrangler’s Creek, aiming to set him straight. It’s there he encounters Tate’s cousin Mila Banchini, the good-girl opposite of Roman who’s had a crush on him since childhood. The old spark between them undeniably never died, though Roman worries it’ll only lead to heartache. But if falling for Mila is such a bad idea, why does everything about holding her feel so right?

“Clear off space on your keeper shelf, Fossen has arrived.”  –  New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde


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… her eyes narrowed, and she jerked on her clothes as if she’d declared war on them.


Ian Busby. He was in his early twenties, as skinny as a zipper, and his pinched, flushed face reminded her of a rooster. He also had horny written all over him. Literally. Well, it was printed on his T-shirt, anyway. Me So Horny was emblazoned above a picture of a rhino…  The Busby brothers’ claims to fame were cow-tipping, peeing on electric fences and wearing T-shirts with horny written on them.


When it came to her mother, most people wanted to be anywhere else. Vita was the ultimate person repellant… Vita wasn’t your ordinary mother. Nope. She had her freaky flag flying with her Bohemian clothes — a long brown shirt, peasant blouse and dozens of cheap bead necklaces and bracelets. When she walked, she sounded like a chained Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol.


It’s a rubber, and it’ll stop you from getting knocked up. You put it on the man’s secret place when he’s decided not to keep it secret from you any longer.”


The moment he stepped into the house at the ranch, he felt as if he’d gotten sucked into a circle of hell that Dante had forgotten to mention.



My Review:


Delores Fossen tells clever and funny stories about cowboys, and she throws in some family drama, sexy love scenes, and a few intriguing mysteries to solve along the way.   Her writing has never failed to leave me with a smirk and a book hangover as they are so sharply amusing and entertaining, I find them hard to put down. Her characters are quirky, flawed, and simultaneously obnoxious and endearing. I adore her colorful descriptions, highly amusing visuals, and ironic humor and doubt I could ever tire of her crafty tales.



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About Delores Fossen

USA Today bestselling author, Delores Fossen, has sold over 70 novels with millions of copies of her books in print worldwide. She’s received the Booksellers’ Best Award, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and was a finalist for the prestigious Rita ®. In addition, she’s had nearly a hundred short stories and articles published in national magazines.


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    This sounds…. great! *Adds to ever growing TBR list…*
    What kind of mother walks away from her newborn baby? *Grumbles*

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    This would be a great weekend read.

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