Book Review: Blinded (Elkridge #1) by Lyz Kelley 3


 (Elkridge #1)

by Lyz Kelley




A small town murder. A second chance at love.

Somebody killed Joey Gaccione’s brother. After a ten-year absence, the big city detective returns home to Colorado for the funeral knowing he will be pressured to find Sheriff Sam’s killer. Joey’s instincts say whoever murdered his brother is part of something more sinister than the Elkridge deputies can handle.

Mara Dijocomo’s dreams died the night a drunk driver killed her parents and sister, and left her permanently wounded. After months of therapy, she’s finally adjusting to her new reality while working to save her mother’s floral business. When the first boy she ever loved walks back into her life, she wonders if she and Joey are getting a second chance to find love.

As Joey and Mara’s love blooms, the evidence becomes clear the local deputies are either ill-equipped to comprehend what’s happening, or someone’s covering up a crime. Joey and Mara fight to balance between their careers, family, and their renewed love until the FBI contacts Joey ultimately tipping the scales.

If you like a steamy romance, deep emotional topics, a thread of mystery, and a cozy happy ending then BLINDED is for you. The first book in the ELKRIDGE SERIES debuts a quirky cast of characters and begins introducing evidence to solve Sheriff Sam’s murder.


My Rating:



Favorite Quotes:


My mom didn’t care what my grades were as long as I kept my knees locked together.


Kym attracted men who were betta fish, those colorful little creatures that look gorgeous, but lived alone because they tended to be territorial, aggressive, and pick fights with anything walking by their fish bowl.


Burritos, beer, beans…I’ll be smelling something all right.


“A catch?” Typical ma. “She makes me sound like a piece of salmon.”


“She better be thinking about losing weight,” Kym chimed in. “Look at all those headstones. I don’t think her fat butt is gonna fit… If it were me, I think I’d prefer to be cremated. I wouldn’t want to deal with a mother who weighed as much as a cow lying on my chest for eternity.”


At least she hadn’t married him before discovering his inability to handle sickness. Which, she realized later, also meant it was highly unlikely that he’d be able to stick around through health, either.


My Review:


I enjoyed this sweet and sexy story and was surprised to see it was the author’s debut work. The plot was intriguing and the writing was relevant, insightful, observant, and well-paced. I adored both main characters and found them adorable, admirable, and highly relatable, although their families were rather toxic and obnoxious. Blinded was a genre hybrid of women’s fiction, suspense, small town family drama, and adult second-chance romance. I relished the wry humor and steamy bits tucked in between and sometimes right inside the more serious scenes. I plan to peruse my way through this entire series.

Lyz Kelley

 Award-winning, contemporary romance author Lyz Kelley lives in a small community in Colorado with her husband and several four-legged family members. Lyz writes about brave women who have faced extraordinary challenges, and the honorable men who have an enormous capacity to love, even if they may not know it.

A healing love is at the heart of her book series. Creating wounded yet amazing characters—discovering what drives them, frightens them, heals them, makes them laugh—is what gives her joy. Lyz is pleased to share that joy through her masterfully written stories.


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  1. Reply Cassie's Library Jul 15,2017 6:10 pm

    The romance elements put me off a bit, but the mystery element has me intrigued. Do you find this to be a good mixture of those two elements, kinda like some of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich?

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