Book Review: Big Girl Panties by S.J. Sawyer

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Title: Big Girl Panties (Like A Lady: Part One)
Author: S.J. Sawyer
Release Date: March 16, 2015
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After ditching her cheating, no-good lying, jerk of a fiancé at the doors to the alter, Scarlett Lynn Summers aka Red is lost…but not for too long. Thanks to her spunky best friend, she won’t stay under her covers hiding for long. Barging in with guns a blazin and curses a flyin, Mary Lou drags Red out for a weekend worth of adventures that just might be more than she bargains for.

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My Rating:

4 hearts

Favorite Quotes:

“I close my eyes tight, scrunching them together like I always did when I was five.  If the bogeyman can’t see you with your eyes closed, surely, a bear can’t either.  There has to be logic there.”

“He hasn’t kissed me, all the boy has done is touch me, and I’m embarrassingly breathless.”

“I stare at him in complete shock as he practically races away from me to the safety of his truck.  That didn’t just happen.  I can’t be that bad at this, can I?”

“Around here, church is like a bath.  You go in whether you want to or not.”


My Review:

If you are ever in need of something fun and quick, keep this story in mind.  I was smiling most of the way through this amusing and entertaining little tale.  Coming from a small inbred community myself, this story hit close to home… like she could have been living next door.  I knew some of these characters and wished I had known others, they sound like good fun.  I will be watching this author for future adventures.

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S.J. Sawyer is a twenty something Okie girl who has a husband, three children, and some really awesome friends who work as S.J.’s Sweet Tarts. She earned a Bachelors degree in English Literature with a minor in Sociology from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She always wanted to be an author and believes that it is completely epic that she has had the opportunity to write and publish her work. S.J. loves to read just as much as she loves to write and tries to do as much of both as possible.


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