Book Review: Beyond Reckless by Autumn Jones Lake 7

Title: Beyond Reckless
Series: Lost Kings MC
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Genre: MC Romance


Blood doesn’t make you family, loyalty does.

Marcel “Teller” Whelan, Treasurer of the Lost Kings MC, has always been two things—honest and responsible. At ten years old, he was already taking care of his baby sister. At eighteen, he patched into the Lost Kings MC and took a major role in shaping the club’s future.

Three years ago, he thought he’d met the perfect woman, only to have her reject everything he is—a Lost King.

One bullet is a lifetime supply.

Now, after an accident that left a girl dead and Teller almost crippled, he’s struggling through the darkest time in his life. His niece, sister, and Lost Kings MC family are the only things holding him together, but his reckless actions are bound to drive everyone away.

Then, in the most unlikely place, he crosses paths with her again. The woman he once thought might be his perfect match.

Love soothes our inner demons.

Sparks fly for both of them. She’s the ride-or-die woman he needs, able to calm his many demons and bring the light back into his life. But she has a secret—one that forces him to lie to his brothers.

In chaos we trust.
When Teller’s brothers find out who he’s falling in love with, it will create a storm of chaos for the Lost Kings MC. But if there’s one thing Teller’s turbulent life has taught him, it’s that sometimes love is worth the chaos.

Beyond Reckless is the 8th book in the popular Lost Kings MC series, but can be read as a standalone.

“Amazing as always. Teller is…wow!” – Nothing but Sexy Books Blog

“With action, suspense, and plenty of steam, this is one MC Series you do not want to miss!” – Crazies R Us Book Blog

“Autumn has once again created another compelling and beautiful story of perseverance, love, loyalty and family and I hope she never stops writing about these characters and the LOKI world.” – A Girl and Her Books


“What’re you doing?” Teller asks in a low, gravelly voice.
My hands go to his belt working it loose. “You need to ask?”
One of his hands closes over mine. “Wait.”
I glance up, patiently anticipating his next words.
“I’m all fucked up.”
I squeeze and run my hand over his cock gently through his jeans. “You feel good to me.”
Finally he lets out a soft laugh. “Yeah, that works fine. I mean, I’ve got a lot of scars from my accident.”
I’m not used to men like him sharing their vulnerability with me.
I’m used to them acting like defensive assholes.
He’s so different.
“Everyone has scars.” My gaze collides with his intense stare. “They just mean you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.”
His eyes widen and he traces his fingers along my jaw. “Get up.”
“But I haven’t even started,” I protest.
That edge of ferocity that I remember from our first encounter enters his eyes. He grabs me by my arms and hauls me to my feet. Then to my utter shock, he drops his shoulder and throws me over it. I yip and squeal, kicking my legs. “What the hell are you doing?”
He pops me on the ass once. “Quiet down. Where’s your bedroom?”
“Put me down.”
“I’ll find it on my own.”
I keep still, afraid he’ll drop me, but a few seconds later, he’s tossing me on my bed. I’m so glad I took five minutes to fix my sheets and blankets this morning. At least I won’t give off the impression I’m a complete slob.
He reaches over and flicks on the small lamp sitting on my nightstand. Without taking his eyes off me, he shrugs out of his cut and drapes it over the back of my desk chair.
He threads his fingers into my hair, tilting my head back and presses a hungry kiss against my lips. “You’re even sexier than I remembered and I didn’t think that was possible.”



My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


… any woman who doesn’t want you when you’re a little banged up, doesn’t deserve you when you’re at your best.


Everyone has scars… They just mean you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.


Thank God you’re not one of those guys who wears skinny jeans… You know what I mean. The pants that are so tight you can tell what religion the guy is.


Rock judges people based on a number of things and skin color has never been one of them. He dislikes everyone equally.


What are you trying to tell me? You’ll look back and remember me as the one who put the snap back in your turtle?


My Review:


While reading the latest addition to the Lost Kings series, I was smirking, gasping, and fanning myself through some highly erotic sensual scenes and enjoying the irreverent humor, salacious banter, family drama, and a ton of naughty fun – all sandwiched into an engaging storyline. The Lost Kings are an unusual MC in how they treat each other and their women, although they are still proud alphas, loud, boisterous, and able to handle their business. I was rolling right along and enjoying this smokin’ hawt and lascivious MC romance packed with lewd and dirty talking yet sweet and quirky alpha men and their feisty women, when it came to a tense spot and then, just stopped. NO!


I am stamping my little foot, foaming at the mouth, spewing invectives and turning the air around me blue – grrr! I was totally unprepared for an incomplete story… I must have closure! A pox on you Autumn Jones Lake for so thoroughly hooking me like a big mouth bass and reeling me in, only to hold me dangling over a cliff for another month for part two as I must know how it resolves. But, no question about it, I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment to hit my kindle. I have never worn a cut and would give anyone a crack to the head if they called me a muffler bunny, but I am most certainly a LOKI wannabe and Autumn Jones Lake fangirl.   But for now, I am off to purchase voodoo doll supplies that resemble a certain author, as well as some extra sharp pins!


Autumn was born and raised in Upstate, New York. She spends her free time listening to music, going to concerts and spending time with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, acting and horror movies. Her favorite books are mystery, thrillers, horror, romance, erotica and urban fantasy.


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  1. Reply Katie @Just Another Girl and Her Books Sep 26,2017 7:21 am

    Great review. Good luck with that voodoo doll.

  2. Reply anintrovertedblogger Sep 26,2017 7:44 am

    Everyone needs some naughty fun once in a while! Great review!

  3. Reply terriluvsbooks Sep 26,2017 8:37 am

    Do you need to get permission to publish an excerpt? I like that idea a lot.

    The covers of these MC books are killing me. I can’t figure out if my hot flash is hormonal or the guy on the cover!

  4. Reply boundtowriting Sep 26,2017 8:56 am

    I love the cover of this book! Your review made me laugh. I hope the next book comes out soon so that it can answer your questions!

  5. Reply Whispering Stories Sep 26,2017 10:37 am

    Great review and cover, but not a book for me.

  6. Reply Jen Sep 27,2017 1:03 pm

    I usually pass on romance novels, but this one sounds interesting. Might have to check it out!

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