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Anne L .Parks

Release Date: March 28th 2017

Kylie Tate is the happiest she has ever been since accepting Alex Stone’s marriage proposal. Nothing can stand in the way of her happily ever after. Until Alex’s father, James, escapes from the prison hospital and disappears without a trace.

Alex is determined to marry Kylie as soon as possible and start their future together. Having his father free to wreak havoc is not part of the plan. When James is found dead on Alex’s property, Alex is charged with murder—and the District Attorney is going after the death penalty.

Kylie is in for the fight of her life to get Alex acquitted. Faced with the possibility of Alex’s conviction, will Kylie go outside the law to save him?

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 Book 1 Of Demons and Stones


Growing up poor, I was forced to make an old clunker run on wire hangers and duct tape, and I learned a lot about the internal workings of vehicles.   I also learned about the cars I hoped to drive someday – like Mr. Rich Pant’s Maserati.


I notice the block letter monogram in navy threads that reads, AS. …’No middle initial. Just wondering if that’s because it also starts with an S?’


All those years of early morning trips to the gym, five-mile runs in the rain, and lap after lap in the pool have paid off. At thirty-five, I have the body of a twenty-year-old – well, late twenty-year-old perhaps.


I sigh. She has succumbed to the Alex Stone effect. ‘Please stop flashing your million-dollar smile at my assistance.   She nearly melted into the carpet.   And I rely on her a lot.’


I don’t need you because I want to save you. I want to save you because I need you to save me. I’ve been waiting for you for so long.


Book 2 Revenge


Coffee is my lifeline. It’s rare for me not to have a pot on at all times… ‘Don’t do it, man. It’s some type of secretion from Satan’s ass.’


Book 3 Vindication


Having money must suck – even your own family will throw you under the bus to get some of it.


I don’t love Alex because of his money … I love him in spite of it.



My Review:


Of Demons & Stones was a clever title for this engaging series.  While primarily an adult contemporary romance, there were strong elements of suspense as well as welcome bits of levity with amusing descriptions and humorous banter.   The first quarter of the first book detailed the fun and excitement of new relationship and budding romance.   I enjoyed these enticing characters and the playful banter and amusing exchanges between them as they reveled in their shiny and new relationship, they were as cute and infatuated as teenagers falling in love for the first time. But, alas, things soon took a dark and ominous turn when threats and complications arose from their distant and not so distant pasts.   Tensions mounted and melodrama ensued with their emotions and relationship status flip-flopping more times than I could count.   They had sizzling chemistry though and the sensual scenes had my kindle steaming through all three books.

Vindication provided a perfect ending to a series full of unpredictable twists and turns and more zigs than zags. The storyline was active, eventful, volcanically steamy, and tightly wound with suspense and intrigue. The finale was the best book of the three and definitely worth the journey to land on a deliciously satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed my time with this alluring couple, but – big sigh – after all the whirly-burly and tension that was packed into the 900 pages of the three books, my next read needs to be of the light and fluffy variety.




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Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Anne L. Parks has spent the last 25 years moving all over the United States. Married to the Navy – well a Commander in the Navy – Parks has lived in various locales throughout the United States. She currently resides in the Washington D.C area, and is loving every minute. When not writing, she spends her time reading, doing yoga, mountain biking, and keeping track of four kids. And drinking wine.

2013 marked her debut in publishing. Her first novel, Strangers, released on her 45th birthday. She was amazed at the number of people who fell in love with a story about two people dealing with grief, and finding love again. Abby and Bryce were the perfect couple to introduce Parks as an up-and-coming author.

Her second novel, The Return, released in December 2013. A wonderful Christmas romance, it is the first book in the Return To Me series. Book two, Return To Newport, released April 29th, and followed the couple through the murky waters of saying good-bye to a past that refused to let go. Lauren’s Return, the third book in the series, released on August 19th. This chronicles the challenges of bringing together a family amidst tragedy and death, and still holding firmly to the love they have fought so hard to keep alive. The fourth book, Returning Home, shifts the focus away from Jake and Eve, and delves into the life Eve’s eldest daughter. Clarissa has a secret she has guarded for most of her life. Fearing it will be revealed, she refuses to allow love into her heart – until she meets Griff. December 2014 brought the close of this series, with the release of RSVP: A Return To Me Christmas novella. The wedding of the year is threatened by Mother Nature, forcing the couple to re-evaluate whether “happily ever after” is really attainable.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Parks delved into the paranormal with a group of highly talented authors. The result? An unexpected fantasy of four sisters fighting to save the earth – and each other – from their deranged mother. Elementals, A Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Anthology, released on May 15th. Summer brought more collaboration with the release of a Fourth of July themed short story, FlyBoy, that was included in the Sparks Fly boxed set.


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