BnB Writer in Me: Writer’s Prompt #1

BnB Writer in Me

Writer in Me is a feature here at Books and Bindings. Aside from the weekly, probably on Saturdays, Writer’s Prompts I will be posting, I will also post random writing prompts, tips I learn on writing, and everything else to do with my personal experience with writing on random days in between the weekly Writer’s Prompts. Feel free to join and share your thoughts and ideas. I will post the next week’s topic on the bottom so everyone can prepare for it.


Writer’s Prompt #1

For This Week:
What is your favorite quote about writing and why?


I hold this quote true to my heart. It can mean so many different things for me and all of them are true.

A more literal meaning describes how writing can be so difficult that it will make you pull all your hair out.It can be painful, it can be tiring, and it can even be miserable.

In another sense, it could mean that whatever you write will be your own as much as your blood is your own. Your book, blog, poetry, or whatever you get from sitting down on your computer and writing is the result of your hard work, time, effort, persistence, patience, and creativity. Nobody else can give you the satisfaction of having created something but you. It is solely your own as much as your blood is your own.

This quote also personally means writing is a means for others to see deep within you – so deep that nobody else have ever seen that part of you. It shows your vulnerability, your inner most thoughts, your deepest secrets. You bleed your thoughts, your ideas, and your soul into each word on the paper and let everyone see it. It is fragile, yet powerful. It can be broken, yet it can move mountains.


Next Week’s Topic: What is your favorite book in terms of the writing style and why?
For The Readers: What is your favorite quote about writing? What about your favorite quote in general? What does that mean to you? What does my quote mean to you personally? Post the link to your own blog post for this week or just share your thought below.

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