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BnB Writer in Me

Writer in Me is a feature here at Books and Bindings. Aside from the weekly, probably on Saturdays, Writer’s Prompts I will be posting, I will also post random writing prompts, tips I learn on writing, and everything else to do with my personal experience with writing on random days in between the weekly Writer’s Prompts. Feel free to join and share your thoughts and ideas. I will post the next week’s topic on the bottom so everyone can prepare for it.


Writer’s Prompt #2

For This Week:
What is your favorite book in terms of writing style and why?

Iliad_VIII_245-253_in_cod_F205,_Milan,_Biblioteca_Ambrosiana,_late_5c_or_early_6cI could try to make it seem like I’m a book connoiseur and mention books that are thought by many to be the greatest books of all time, like Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, or even Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes to name a few, but in reality, I haven’t read any of these.

Without having to look at my Goodreads list of books I’ve read in order of highest rating, I know for a fact that any book from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is on the top of my list. Rowling didn’t just tell me a story of an 11-year old boy who discovered he was a wizard and a whole world unbeknownst to him, she made me a part of that world. She made me believe I was a part of Harry’s journey, like I was there every step of the way. I will always be waiting for an owl to deliver my Hogwarts acceptance letter until the day I die.

Another one I truly admire are the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. I admire the creativity, the ideas, the possibilities. Homer’s works are not just literature, they are art – masterpieces – created by him. It has survived for more that two millenniums and yet it still is a big part of our literature now. A lot of stories, novels, movies, songs, poems, and even art are based on his works of art.


Next Week’s Topic: Share you first memory of writing.
For The Readers: What is your favorite book in terms of writing style and why? What makes that book your favorite? When did you read it? What are other books that could make the cut? Post the link to your own blog post for this week or just share your thought below.

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