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Hello and Aloha my new friends, we have yet to been formally introduced – I am Empress DJ.  I am an avid reader, crazy old cat lady, recreational swimmer, Hawaii resident, and brand new blogger.  In fact, other than book reviews, this little missive is my very first blog post for Books and Bindings.  This is my maiden flight, my virgin voyage – so please be gentle…  I honestly know next to nothing about being a blogger, so I beg for your patience while I learn the ropes.  I am sure I will stumble and bumble some (probably quite a bit), and I may be a little slow getting out of the gate as I also work full-time and need to learn… well… practically everything!  Our precious Andrea is very courageous in taking me on, which just shows how desperate the poor thing must be.

I am very proud to say, that one of my most major accomplishments in life is that I have managed to stay married to the same sweet little man for 30 years without killing or seriously maiming him, which is actually a major accomplishment for us both.

You may have read some of the silly little reviews that I have completed as a guest reviewer.  I just recently (within the last 9 months) discovered the vast world of book blogs, Goodreads, and gasp – Facebook!  I love to read, but am a bit picky about what I chose to spend my free time with.  I like women’s fiction, spicy romances, cozy mysteries, some suspense, contemporary fiction, and some paranormal… but I am not really a fan of horror or zombies.  Zombies are just so tiresome… they are horrible conversationalists and only seem to want me for my brains…

First and foremost, I am a reader.  And I look forward to us settling in and getting to know our fellow readers.  You may have noticed an influx of nonsense on the Facebook page, as I seem to be addicted to snarky little cartoons and funny videos clips.  Andrea has been working hard on some major changes to the look and feel of the blog, and I am very excited to be jumping in as she transitions the blog into the next phase.

Please let us know what you think.  The only thing constant in life is change.  We appreciate each of your comments, and you don’t ever need to blow smoke up our skirts!  We want to know what you think, and what honestly moves you.  You can always leave comments on the blog, message us on Facebook, and/or email me directly at:








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