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Please contact the most awesome co-blogger anyone could ever ask for, Empress DJ, at empressdj@booksandbindings.com for any requests, questions, or suggestions.


Name: Andrea King
Age: 25
Location: Alberta, Canada

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Ten Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a part-time night auditor at a hotel 55kms away from my house and a freelance web designer.
  2. I love and adore cats but I can’t have any right now so I get my fix from watching cute cat videos on YouTube and browsing through hundreds of cat pictures online.
  3. I’m not married but I live with my boyfriend, Scotty.
  4. I don’t have kids (yet). Maybe someday, I don’t know. I don’t think I can handle it yet – I still call my Mom when my tummy hurts and ask her what to do.
  5. Aside from work, doing the housework, cooking, and writing, gardening (in the summer) I don’t have that much responsibilities (yet), so I have all the time in the world to read as many books as my heart desires.
  6. I usually read books from the non-fiction, contemporary, young adult, conspiracy, and fantasy sections, but I keep an open mind. I go by ratings and recommendations or sometimes that gut feeling you get that tells you to read that book.
  7. I like reading paperbacks, hardbounds, ARCs, eBooks, or even online stories. As long as it has an awesome story and I find it interesting, I don’t mind how or where I read it.
  8. I love my Xbox 360 and Playstation 3! I could play games all day long. My favorites are Need for Speed, Halo, Gran Turismo,  Fable, and COD.
  9. I drive a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and I love it. Living in Alberta with a lot of straight roads that seems like it goes on forever, I was able to try out how fast my car can actually go. I was very impressed when it got to 220kph but it started to feel shaky and it sketched me out. UPDATE: I bought a radar detector! Booya!!
  10. I love chocolates and cakes and I prefer tea over coffee but I don’t drink much of either.


Book Talk

I’ve been reading books since I was 10. Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling, was the very first novel I have ever read and I only read it because most of my friends in school were talking about it and I didn’t want to feel out of place. From then on, I’ve loved reading books – the smell of a new book, the feeling of flipping the pages (or flipping on my phone), the struggle of finding comfy positions to read, the debate between taking a break and putting the book down so I can eat supper and trying to read while having supper. Every time someone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, or any gift at all, I say books!

My mom was never a reader, she has always been a movie buff. My dad only read computer and programming books (have I mentioned how ridiculously think they were), but never novels (he’d rather watch, too, I guess). I love movies, too, – my friends think it’s awesome how I can name a movie by just them describing a scene from it, even if I’ve only watched it once – but I love books on a different level. It’s more personal, more familiar, and more intense. For a brief moment, I become a part of the book’s world and live it. Being as young and inexperienced in life as I am, I can say that I’ve lived a thousand lives and experienced every feeling imaginable from reading books.


Other Random Stuff

If I’m not reading books, doing school work (online, except for exams), or doing everyday life routine, I’m playing my guitar, singing my heart out, drawing, painting, writing, taking pictures of random things, fixing broken gadgets at home, organizing files on my laptop, playing scratch cards, researching random topics from how to make ice cream to noetic science, window shopping online, solving sudoku puzzles, or just anything I feel like doing at that moment. I get bored and get sidetracked very easily and because of that I tend to be very random.

I love making new friends and getting to know people. I love different cultures and I’m fascinated by how different and similar some cultures are. I’m a happy and friendly person and I don’t get stressed out easily.


On To Reviewing

I started reviewing books when I got a book journal Christmases of 2010. I used to just do it for myself so I have something to look back to when I’m trying to remember what that book is or how I felt about it. Then I found Goodreads! I started reading other people’s review and posting my own there. I got to meet awesome people who love books just as much as I do (some even more). From there, I discovered book blogs. I tried blogging before but I never really posted anything interesting because I could never find topics that I’d love to write about. But book blogging… Oh I loved book blogs so much that I decided to start my own and voila! Books and Bindings was born.


Questions, thoughts, review requests?

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Who is Empress DJ?

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Hello and Aloha – I am Empress DJ.  I am an avid reader, crazy old cat lady, recreational swimmer, Hawaii resident, and relatively new blogger.  I started off as a guest reviewer for Andrea in 2013 after discovering the vast world of book blogs, Goodreads, and gasp – Facebook!  I love to read, but am a bit picky about what I chose to spend my free time with.  I like women’s fiction, spicy romances, cozy mysteries, some suspense, contemporary fiction, and some paranormal… but I am not really a fan of horror or zombies.  Zombies are just so tiresome… they are horrible conversationalists and only seem to want me for my brains…

First and foremost, I am a reader.  And I want to get to know our fellow readers.  Please let us know what you think.  The only thing constant in life is change.  I appreciate each of your comments, and you don’t ever need to blow smoke up my skirt!  I honestly want to know what you think, what moves you, whether you agree with my reviews or not.  And if you ever notice a big honking error – (I am sure there will be some from time to time) pllllleeeeaaazzze let me know.  I am still learning.

You can always leave comments on the blog, message us on Facebook, and/or email me directly at:



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