Book Review: Diamonds and Dirt Roads Billionaires in Blue Jeans #1 by Erin Nicholas

Diamonds and Dirt Roads
Billionaires in Blue Jeans #1
by Erin Nicholas 

A pretend relationship…within a pretend relationship.

Attorney Evan Stone knows every crazy stipulation in billionaire Rudy Carmichael’s will. After all, he wrote it. And he’s determined to make sure each one is fully met by Rudy’s triplet daughters. Even if that means dating the workaholic CEO, Ava. Or pretending to at least. And even if it means resisting the so-right-for-him-she’s-totally-wrong party girl, Cori.

Cori’s only got three things on her to do list from her dad:
• Move to Bliss, Kansas.
• Run his pie shop with her sisters for a year.
• No dating. For six months.

But stepping in for her sister when it’s clear that Ava and Evan aren’t fooling anyone with their “romance” isn’t really dating. And falling for her sister’s pretend boyfriend while pretending to be her sister…well, that’s ridiculous. No matter how real things feel whenever she and Evan are together.


Billionaires in Blue Jeans
Not your typical billionaire romances…

A tough corporate CEO, a nerdy research scientist, and a globe-trotting party girl walk into a conference room…

Where the sisters, Ava, Brynn, and Cori, find out they have been named co-heirs to their father’s multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Whether they want it or not.

But they also inherit a list of conditions that have to be met:

One, move to Bliss, Kansas–wherever that is–for a year.

Two, run their father’s pie shop together. Yes, a pie shop.

Three, follow his edicts for their love lives. Yep, he went there.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? But the girls are going to have some help. Evan, Parker, and Noah, best friends and lifelong residents of Bliss, are equally fascinated with and dreading the idea of meeting the triplets they’ve heard so much about. The small town guys didn’t know their kooky friend, Rudy, was a billionaire until he was diagnosed with cancer. But they did know he was a guy they would do anything for. Even help his very fish-out-of-water daughters navigate small town life. And make pie. And maybe fall in love.

It’s possible Rudy knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote his will.

It’s equally possible that he was completely crazy.

No matter what, everyone can agree on one thing…Bliss, Kansas is never going to be the same.


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


There was plenty to mourn when it came to her and her father. His death was not even number one on the list.


He’d actually thought briefly about how a six-month public relationship with her would keep him essentially celibate, but then he’d quickly stopped thinking about that when he’d started to hyperventilate. He’d told himself he could make it for six months. He was a grown man, for God’s sake. He could sacrifice for a greater good. People went off to war, after all. And into space. And…other places where they couldn’t have sex for long periods of time even if he couldn’t think of one at the moment.


I’m sitting here feeling like a regular, dumb-ass guy who just happened to rub a lamp and ended up with a goddess genie in his lap and I was hoping to get a really good taste of you before you figured out how much better you could do.


You should never say all of it to me… All is a lot with me. I’m best in small doses.


My Review:


Diamonds and Dirt Roads was an entertaining and enjoyable read despite the somewhat complicated premise that featured well-educated, wealthy, and privileged identical triplets who were vastly different in personality and temperament, and requiring them to adhere to precise social and vocational stipulations while living together in a small-town, and gasp working in a pie shop selling their own creations, or forfeit billions in inheritance.  I enjoyed the well-crafted and multileveled storylines, which were as insightfully thoughtful as they were cleverly amusing. The characters were endearingly quirky, enticingly complex, and whip-smart. I reveled in Ms. Nicholas’s storytelling, clever levity, sharp wordplay, humorous and titillating verbal sparring, witty banter, sassy word duels, and provocative teasing. And in the midst of all this upheaval, role reversals, and family drama, a sweet, transformative, and steamy love story took root where it was not supposed to, which of course, made it all the more alluring. 


About the Author


Erin Nicholas is the author of sexy contemporary romances. Her stories have been described as toe-curling,  enchanting, steamy and fun. She loves to write about reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines and happily ever afters. She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they’re shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).

You can find Erin on the web at, on Twitter ( and even on Facebook (…)


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  1. Wow, talk about a web of characters! I was confused reading the initial love triangle that I had to reread a few times. Still, it sounds like a very interesting romance book that I will add to my list!

  2. Very interesting premise. Looks like fun and I enjoyed getting your take on what the book was, because the blurb was just messy. For a complicated book I understand blurb difficulties, but it’s nice to have your take on it!!

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