Book Review: A Devil of a Date (Supernatural Dating Agency Book 2) by Andie M. Long

A Devil of a Date

(Supernatural Dating Agency Book 2)

by Andie M. Long




My best friend made a deal with the Devil… 

I now run The Supernatural Dating Agency, a discreet section of Withernsea’s finest matchmaking service. Yeah, I’ll do all the work while Shelley makes babies with her gorgeous vampire husband. 

It’s not like I’ve anything better to do anyway. My ex is now a newly-turned vamp struggling to accept he can no longer admire his own reflection, and I don’t care what Ebony ‘sees’, Kim is not about to date a wolf; he has better hair than I do.
Then Lucy Fir, fresh from the gates of guarding Hell, decides she wants me to find her a boyfriend. He’ll need to be a Knight in shining inflammable armour with her temper. Can I find her a date, or is my new career damned before it’s even started?
Welcome to Withernsea and the Supernatural Dating Agency, for readers of Michelle Rowen, Gerry Bartlett and Michele Bardsley who like their humour to have bite. 

Buy A Devil of a Date if you like your romance…HOT.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:


I’d kept up with certain things in Hell. We had computers though the internet was limited to what Satan felt we needed to know… Fashion was easy to keep up with as the new residents came fully dressed and I gained an envied designer wardrobe from the many rich wives who’d killed their cheating husbands. That’s how my love of Louboutins had started.


Well, I thought he couldn’t shock me any more than the day he brutally murdered me, but it seems he’s doing his dang best to try. No one wants to hear their child shouting about how much they love pussy unless there’s a family pet.


I need to see this neighbour if he looks like Jason Momoa. Do we need any sugar?


My Review:


After escaping hell, the transition from demon back to human wasn’t going smoothly for the disgruntled and exasperated Lucy Fir, she still had 2 small horns (hidden by colorful headbands) and was prone to spark flames from her fingertips when riled, which proved hazardous to an annoyingly flatulent roommate. Kim, the supernatural dating specialist wasn’t fairing much better despite having access to and taking creative liberties with, the large dating database. I always enjoy Andie M. Long’s sly humor and creative imagination (naming a demon Lucy Fir – come on – say it aloud if you need to). Yet I was a bit out of sorts with this installment, as I didn’t find the characters as endearing or engaging as I had with Shelly and Theo from the first in the series, although I was warming to them by the end of the tale. Multiple species presented unique concerns and received cameo appearances – angels, demons, vampires, werewolves and werecats, witches, mere people, pixies, fairies, seers, brownies, Satan (of course), and even an incubus, all clearly living among us oblivious humans. I particularly enjoyed Lucy’s spectacular dating failures with my favorite being the new angel who could not fold his wings close enough to fit through a door – smirk – brilliant.

About The Author 

After twenty+ years of thinking about it, at the age of forty, I decided it was time to finally WRITE THE BOOK or forget about it. I studied two Open University Courses in Creative Writing and finally wrote my first novel. I’ve now written a ton of novels and have the ideas for so many more!

 I live in Sheffield with my son and long-suffering partner. We now have a beautiful fur-baby called Bella. When not being a partner, mother, employee (I also work for the NHS) or writer I can usually be found on Facebook or Pinterest.


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