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Title: Suddenly More

Series: The Dirty Texas Series – Book 1.5

Author: J A Low

Release Date: July 8

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Rockstar Romance

Cover: Booknerdfangirl

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A Dirty Texas Novella

He was everything she was looking for…

Sienna Hayes wasn’t looking for love, especially not with ladies man, Evan Wyld, guitarist for Dirty Texas. Not until she found the tatted up rockstar naked in her bed. What started off as a bit of fun suddenly turned into a second chance at love.

She was everything he was ready for…

Never in Evan Wyld’s wildest dreams did he ever think the beautiful, blonde bombshell from the photo would lead him away from his womanizing ways, swapping it for a gold band and dirty diapers.

Sienna and Evan embark on their Wyld-est adventure yet as the Dirty Texas gang celebrate new beginnings.

It is recommended that you have read Suddenly Dirty, book 1 in the Dirty Texas series as this novella continues on from where it finishes.


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My Rating:

3.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


Of course she has a porn star name… She even asks for a photo with him and hands me the phone to take the picture… I made sure to cut her head out of it.


I’ve always wanted to go to a health retreat, get pampered, try yoga, get myself all bendy.


We both had an itch and we like how the other scratches it…


My Review:


The tatted up playboy rocker with pelvic piercings settles down and proposes to his pregnant girlfriend atop the Eiffel Tower. Suddenly More was full of rather over the top romantic settings, lushly described scenes of friends and family enjoying exotic locales and holiday festivities, a meticulously detailed resort wedding, thoroughly described expensive gifts, atomic sensuality, pregnant sex, and a detailed pregnancy and birth.   I could have done without the last three as – gah – just not my cup of tea. I did enjoy the humor and banter, although despite the fun and naughty secrets the friends exposed during their separate bachelorette and bachelor parties, I didn’t find the storyline to be as engaging as the first in the series, but that may just be my own personal disinterest in the pervasive overlay of pregnancy.

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He was everything she was looking for



JA Low lives on a faraway beach in Australia. When she’s not writing steamy scenes and admiring hot surfers, she’s tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the next epic romance.

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